Environmental Policy

We are committed to reducing our Ecological Footprint as much as possible without compromising the comfort and quality of our guest accommodation and facilities. Our Policy is to buy local, organic food and products wherever possible. We believe that our suppliers and producers should not be compromised by our consumption. We are particularly committed to the following in order to minimise our environmental impact:

  • To comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice.
  • We continuously seek to improve our environmental performance and to assess the environmental impact of our activities.
  • Keep our pollution to water at a minimum by only using non-toxic cleaning products and non-chemical wildlife friendly gardening techniques.
  • Our waste is reduced by buying goods with minimal packaging. We recycle or reuse as much as possible.
  • Our food is purchased locally and in bulk where possible, most of which is not processed or from supermarkets.
  • Energy use is kept to a minimum by considered use of electrical appliances, heating and the Aga is heated on ‘Economy 7’.
  • We are careful to look at our suppliers and contractors environmental standards.
  • All lighting uses electric saving bulbs where possible, all bin liners in the rooms and kitchens are degradable, all lavatories are dual flushing and most of the hot water system uses a circulation pump to prevent run-off.

Our Guests are therefore asked to be aware of our policy by:

  • NOT wasting energy – switching off lights when not in the rooms, not running water needlessly, not asking for towels to be laundered each morning (there are heated towel rails, and linen is changed every third morning for long-stays) and by not using heaters with windows open.
  • Recycling all paper, plastic and glass and guests can help by leaving recyclables in the bin for us to put into relevant recycle bags.
  • Cleaning up Dog mess. Guests should be aware that we do not approve of unsustainable plastic bags for collecting dog mess, a bag-less ‘poopa-scoop’ is available, with bins, on our lawns. Please see advice on or Walking Map for local walks.
  • Walking or cycling as much as possible whilst staying with us, we can help with walking maps and cycle hire.
  • We do not have mains drainage and waste is pumped to a soak-away. It is therefore imperative that no: sanitary products or acidic or non degradable chemicals, nappies, fat or oil, or non-degradable products are flushed down the lavatory or put down the drains. If you want something safely disposed of, please use the bags/bins provided or seek advice from the owners, Pippa and Hugo Woolley



Acceso para discapacitados

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Perros son bienvenidos

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Hugos Breakfast website


We introduced Hugo’s Breakfast Cereals in 2014 after we got so many people - guests as well as local shopkeepers - wanting to buy Cornish Granola, Cornish Muesli, Cornish Birchermüesli, Cornish Granola - Quinoa & Fruit (Gluten Free), and Apple & Blueberry Porridge, under the banner of ‘Hugo’s Breakfast'.Read More..

10 Años Celebración

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